Studios Didier Bubble Gum Collection

Looking for those bright and fresh Summer Nails? We've just launched Studios Didier Bubble Gum Collection, with all those bright and colourful shades you dream of for Summer 2020!

What is Studios Didier you ask? 

Studios Didier is semi-permanent nail polish. It's a new generation semi-permanent nail polish that has been designed according to the recommendations and needs of professional technicians. All the most important and essential characteristics for the masters of the manicure are concentrated in this small bottle, in other words, a pure jewel of quality!

Thanks to its components and their respective qualities, this gel varnish is designed to suit both beginners and advanced technicians. The Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, a revolutionary organic component that meets regulatory requirements, also called "green technology" brings an obvious advantage in the development of this product: instant cure with low energy, scratch, and chemical resistance and low volatility.

Fast and regular coverage: the special liquid gum effect stretch texture of this varnish instantly covers imperfections of the plaque. Studios Didier gives a rich pigment color for perfect coverage in one layer and a super shine effect that lasts!
No discoloration or change of shade, this product is long-lasting for 14 days and more! Easy to apply and easily removed, Studios Didier is a product you need to try, trust us you'll love it!


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