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Meet Karolina

Karolina is the face behind Didier Lab Ireland

Karolina is a qualified Nail Technician for over ten years, and always had an interest in this industry!

She has extensive experience within the Nail Industry, and has her own Nail Salon in Ireland. 

Karolina decided she wanted to build her career further within the industry, and discovered Didier Lab products when on a trip to France. She instantly fell in love with the products, the packaging, affordable pricing and of course the quality!

After developing her training specifically with Didier Lab, Karolina went on to become the distributer of Didier Lab products across Ireland, providing Nail Technicians, both beginners and experts, with a range of products she knows will meet their needs!

Didier Lab Ireland  
The Story

Didier Lab originally began in Paris, France, where its headquarters are still located today. The company is a professional nail care brand that has expanded across Europe, providing a vast range of nail care and design products. The name, Didier, is a French name that expresses desire, celebrating a love of fashion and all it entails!

The goal of Didier Lab is to combine two elements perfectly, classic looks and modern urban styles, offering unique products that combine elements of both! The company is very focused on ensuring all products are unique and thoroughly thought out down to the finest detail.

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What we want to do with Didier Lab Ireland

Karolina is growing Didier Lab Ireland from strength to strength and want's to bring a brand to those who want consistency in the quality of products they use.

Using her Nail Technician background and vast knowledge from the industry, Karolina is bringing more and more products to her range that will fulfill the needs of Nail Technicians across the country.

Plans for the future are all about supplying people with fantastic products, knowledge and advice, so that Nail Technicians across Ireland can provide their clients with a high standard service using high standard products!

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Gel Products

Didier Lab Ireland supply multiple Gel Polish collections, builder gels, polygel, liquid gel and so much more, giving you and clients amazing choices.

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Liquid Products

Acetone, Dehydrator, Nail Cleaners and more, we have all the necessary products needed for the best nail treatment, no matter what you want to get done.

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Hand, Body and Home Products

We supply nail, hand and body care products, from creams to oils, ensuring your skin and nails are nourished and cared for throughout. We also stock home diffusers, candles and room sprays.

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