Acid Free Primer EXTRA Bond With Vitamins, Didier Lab, 15ml


How does it work?

Extra Bond Nail Repair works in two ways. The product contains Ethyl Acetate which dries (degreases) the nail plate and at the same time protects the nail from drying out (dehydration) caused by the regular use of acidic solutions, as well as helps retain necessary compounds within the nail which are responsible for healthy nail condition. A protective layer of grease is removed during the drying of the nail plate, after which channels are opened creating a perfect medium which enables vitamins to travel to the inner layer of the nail. Vitamins are low-molecular-weight compounds that easily penetrate the nail plate and make it possible to maintain good condition of the nail. Using the bond with vitamins protects the plate from drying out and provides additional moisturisation. Vitamins protect the nail from yellowing and peeling.

The bond contains two monomers - HEMA and Isopropylenediphenyl Bisoxyhydroxypropyl Methacrylate (BIS-GMA). These monomers do not dissolve in the nail plate, settling (becoming stuck) on its pores instead. They distribute across the surface of the nail, forming a shiny, sticky layer.

With the help of all of these vitamins and chemical compounds, Extra Bond Nail Repair forms strong bonds with the nail and gel polish layers, as well as protects the nails from drying out.

Designed for:

• Dehydrated (dry) nails.

• Thin and mechanically damaged nails.

• Nails with a typically short duration of wear of gel systems.

• Can be used with all gel polish, gel and Polygel systems.



• After a manicure, prepare the nail plate using a 180 grit nail file.

• Degrease the nails with Didier Lan dehydrator.

• Apply a thin layer of Extra Bond Nail Repair on the nail plate. NO DRYING NEEDED!

• Paint your nails with Sculpture Colour Polybase or another gel polish and dry them using a LED 60s, UV 120s lamp.

• Apply a Top Coat on the nails.






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